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His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

The question is not whether life has a meaning,
but how each of us can give it one.

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Life and Mindfulness Coach

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Whether you are looking for greater meaning in life, motivated to seek change or are simply curious, let’s have a chat. The first exploratory Coaching session will take 45 minutes, at no charge. It can be done in person or online, whichever you prefer.

Take this first step towards exploring your life, re-discovering what gives you joy and taking positive action for someone important in your life – you. I look forward to the opportunity to journey with you.

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Coaching Services

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Feeling detached, frustrated, overextended or exhausted in your career? 

When we subscribe to an outcome-based perspective towards work and career achievements, it can deeply affect our state of mind, heart, and spirit. Most successful and fulfilled professionals reframe their perspectives, redefine ways to offer their unique talents on the path of right livelihood.

When you are ready to refresh your view, embrace abundance, and develop into all that you are, I am here as your coach. Together we work on your plan, and set goals. As your coach, I keep you committed and on course. No genuine purpose is too insignificant or trivial.


Once we appreciate and embrace the interconnectedness of human life, we can welcome hope, awaken compassion and deepen awareness in ourselves, which in turn transforms our relationships with others.

I apply a heart-centred approach to relationship coaching. I believe that self-love, acceptance and compassion play a significant role in the process of the uncovering of heartfelt truths and unashamed authenticity to free our ability to connect more deeply in relationships.  

There are sometimes no rational reasons for who you are, who you love, what you feel, who is in your life, when and for what purpose. I work with clients to honour universal trust, to embrace personal learning and growth as it unfolds. 


Mindfulness is a trained ability to remain completely present to, aware of, and accepting of what is happening right now, without judgment or over-concern.

Mindfulness is a mental practice that can increase your capacity to experience happiness and peace by training the mind to stay focused and calm, while inviting contemplative concepts such as impermanence, interdependence, and gratitude.

Living in this increasingly distracted world, many of us race through days, planning ahead, anticipating issues, always on the move. Being mindful helps us to pause, notice, and appreciate the happy and joyful moments as they arise while providing us the mental space to deal with challenges with calm objectivity.  

Applying mindfulness takes practice. Just as one needs regular physical exercise to increase physical fitness, mindfulness training improves mental and emotional resilience.

Personalised mindfulness coaching sessions support clients towards establishing a sustained and effective daily practice. Group workshop based sessions are also available. 


A role of a parent is to love, guide and nurture a child towards fulfilling their own purposeful life as adults. When parents adopt a values-based perspective, have the capacity to be non-judgmental and have the courage to trust their inner wisdom, family relationships transform to become more collaborative, respectful and positive. I share my stories and reflections at 

As a parent coach I work with clients, couples and families in areas such as envisioning family mission, articulating values and strategies to engender teamwork, developing skills in compassionate listening for conflict management, defining practices to celebrate successes, deepen relationships and exchange love and appreciation. 



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“Zerlina is very effective as a coach as she is able to get a real measure of who you are and what it is important to you. She is quick to recognise what goes on beneath the words you share with her and helps you to understand the deeper issues. ”

“Life-coaching has helped me focus and prioritise. Even small adjustments in petty matters have made a remarkable difference. Zerlina has been most instrumental in helping me during this ongoing journey.”

“Zerlina, your professionalism paired with the most insightful and caring personality has made me move forward with my life goals with ease and confidence. Your ability to see issues from different perspectives gives breath and openness to my decision making process.”

Heath L Buckmaster

“Often, it's not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don't know how to be.”

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Contact me today to schedule your next in-person or Skype session.

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